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testimonialtestimonialMeet the Team

Creative Director

Darren says: Always listen to other people, decide they are very probably wrong and do what you were going to do in the first place...
that sounds bad doesn't it?

A few of my favourite things: Cars of the sporting variety, California (my brother lives there), Berlin, Monaco, Music (especially if there is a synthesiser involved), Harley my blue Whippet, and of course... family and friends.

--- Darren
testimonialtestimonialMeet the Team

Senior Designer

Carina says: If you find yourself doubting how far you can go in life just remember how far you have already come. Love your whole story even if it hasn't been the perfect fairytale!

A few of my favourite things: Roxy Boxer, My RR Evoque, Music, Homemade Yorkshire puddings, Netflix series, Horror films & soaps (not Emmerdale), All things dogs & bees, My tattoos, Wax melts and Haribo sweets (cola bottles & giant strawbs).

--- Carina
testimonialtestimonialMeet the Team


George says: Life always offers you a second chance.
It's called tomorrow.

A few of my favourite things: Re-watching US Office, Music varying from Sam Cooke to Deftones, Morris my Lakeland Terrier, My small collection of tattoos, Screen printing, Designing jewellery, Being creative!

--- George