Popular Promotional Gifts in Sheffield

Popular Promotional Gifts in Sheffield

Popular Promotional Gifts in Sheffield

Whenever surveys are done on the most common, the most popular, and the most widespread promotional products, certain categories always feature at the top of the list. These are classic items that work – and for good reason. These items are all common, durable and have a good shelf-life, meaning you can expect an excellent return on interest. When deciding to promote your brand, these are some of the best products to use:

Promotional clothing in Sheffield
Arguably the king of promotional products is any kind of wearables. So many articles of clothing bear logos, slogans or branding, so why not yours? They can be on the expensive side for a promotional item, but their visibility will be far bigger than items that tend to stay put. The quality of the items is paramount though – your branding must be able to withstand multiple washes and the weather, so saving money with cheap printed designs will cost you in item shelf-life in the long run.

Promotional bags in Sheffield
Similar to clothing, people value bags because they are functional and useful. They are also carried around by the owner, broadcasting your branding everywhere they go, but they have the added advantage of being generally unisex items. The greater awareness of ecological issues means more and more people and shunning disposable bags and reusable ones are really coming into their own. Drawstring bags, laptop cases, food bags and tote bags are all very popular choices for branding.

Promotional drinkwear in Sheffield
The longevity of mugs and glasses makes them hugely attractive as a promotional product: a mug will be used an enormous number of times. People get attached to their favorite mug and novelty ones are commonly given as gifts, which all adds to the life of the product. This is also another sort of item which benefits from the rise in global concern, as reusable sports water bottles and even coffee cups are slowly replacing disposable ones.

Promotional pens in Sheffield
There are several reasons why pens and other writing instruments are among the most popular promotional items. Firstly, they are, of course, highly functional, and many people have several scattered around the home, workplace, their handbags, their car… you’re never far from a pen. Secondly, they have a habit of changing hands over the course of their lifetime, which increases their advertising effectiveness. There is also the fact that there is plenty of marketing real estate on a pen, despite their small size. All in all, they are a great way to get your brand out.

Promotional technology accessories in Sheffield
You can think of USB sticks as a more up-to-date version of a pen. Slowly but sure, these small but essential devices are accumulating in our offices and workplaces, and our homes too. They are small enough to fit onto a keyring, and are becoming increasingly relevant to our day-to-day lives. Mouse mats, wrist-rests, and tablet or smartphone cases are also great ways to get your brand out there.

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