Sheffield DocFest Printing

Sheffield DocFest Printing

Sheffield DocFest Printing

We were thrilled to be contacted by Avi Goldstein who is based in the USA and Brussels, to handle the printing for the marketing material for their documentary submission to the 2015 Sheffield DocFest.

Sheffield DocFest takes place between the 5th and 10th of June this year and is now acknowledged as one of the premier festivals for documentaries and attracts submissions from around the world and covers every aspect of this exciting area of filmmaking.

Producer Avi Goldstein, creative producer, filmmaker and co-founder of SocDoc studios commented “I got the sense that you pride yourself on high quality – that’s what I chose to go with you after making the rounds :)”

Brightstar printed large 30 x 40″ posters, A3 posters and A6 postcards for the promotion and marketing of Speed Sisters, split the delivery to suit Avi’s requirements and supplied a quick turnaround to ensure all the material was ready for the Sheffield launch.

Here is a link to the website:

The documentary is called Speed Sisters and focuses on a group of 5 women who form a race team, wait a minute… we are designers and printers not reporters, here is a professional review of the documentary.

The Hollywood Reporter’s review:

“When one of the profiled figures in a documentary comments, “The smell of tear gas reminds me of my childhood,” it’s obvious that we’re not in Kansas anymore. Rather, Amber Fares’ film is set in Palestine, chronicling the Middle East’s first all-women race car team.

Delivering a lively portrait of its trailblazing subjects while examining the cultural and political complications attendant to their pursuit of becoming the region’s “Fastest Women Driver,” Speed Sisters is an eye-opening doc that succeeds in its goal of shattering stereotypes.”

Sheffield DocFest Printing is something we are very happy to help with especially as it has become one of sheffield’s landmark events of the year.

Here is a link to the 2015 festival site:

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